Biel Bienne City Business Directory

This is a city in Switzerland that is bilingual as it has natives who speak French as well as German. This city is home to the very beautiful Jura Mountains that is an attraction to the tourists and is supremely beautiful as well. This city is like a perfect blend of the old classic architecture and the modern age buildings. There are several huge and tall buildings lying at the level of the lake and there is also an old and historic area which seems to be gothic and has several old churches and buildings. This city attracts a lot of tourists due to the three lake region it comes in. It is a beautiful site to witness.

This city has several amazing places to visit and explore. The Omega Museum is one of them that has a huge collection of designer and fancy watches. You can also enjoy a day in the wilderness in the Biel Zoo and get to see a lot of animals. To relax and calm down your mind and rejuvenate your inner power you can spend some time on the Lake Biel and you will it. Therefore, the city is full of extremely beautiful and serene sites and places.

Biel Bienne is a city in Swiss, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here. Following are some of the localities in Biel Bienne: Aegerten, Biel Bienne, Bozingen Boujean, Evilard, Ipsach, Madretsch, Magglingen, Mett